MADEXOTIX is a personal brand of Ahmed M. Jamal who is a car enthusaist and taking photos exclusive and high-end cars wherever he is and post it on instagram©️ @a7mdjam & @madexotixx. He captures the content with his own technique to make a unique photos making most of his pictures reaching explore page and reposting it by biggest Instagram©️ car pages.

lately, he published his youtube channel to expand his knowledge about automotive sector by making a in-depth reviews. 

Ahmed M. Jamal used to work for a British premium car brand as a certified sales consultant for around five years, he ranked as a top 9 MENA region sales executive and top 1 in Saudi Arabia, he also has been certified by the British car brand as first Saudi certified sales consultant. In 2020 he moved to another British premium car brand which is the oldest British brand for sport cars. his passion on cars started since he was a kid.